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(Warning: this game covers inappropriate content and should not be viewed by children under 15 years of age)

Mirror is a game located on steam, it is created for a much older audience at it covers mature content; This game has a large audience and is still being added to as of date.

Mirror is a matching game similar to that of Huniepop, it runs under multiple story lines that cover multiple protagonists and the female you are attempting to please; after completion of each mini game you have the option to 'Discipline' your female counterpart.

Currently the game is still having updates to add to the number of story's and girls you can play with, currently being only 7 females; this is being added to over time, with the first DLC announced to be released soon (July) ; expected to add more females. And on addition there was recently announced that the full version of the game should be announced in April on addition to the BGM DLC.


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